• Review: Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) / Cracking The Perimeter (CTP)

    It was almost midnight when I submitted my report to the offsec team and I waited for almost 26 hours until It was 02:09 AM when I got the most awaited email telling me that I had successfully passed the certification exam and that I have been awarded an OSCE certificate. Upon the request of many people, I decided to write a little review about Cracking The Perimeter (CTP) course by Offensive Security which when completed gives you Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) certification. I won’t be giving any hints or give out any solutions but If this still does interest you, read ahead! Why yet another review? There are…

  • First Post: Hello World!

    Just like the old traditional way, I welcome you to this blog with a hello world greeting. Keep following the blog. I will try to post some useful stuff from time to time. Happy Hacking!