• Creating a Cheap Rubber Ducky aka Bad USB With Attiny85

    I live in a country where most of the cool gadgets don’t get shipped. Offensive Security doesn’t ship the certificates here, Hak5 doesn’t send their gadgets here, and the list goes on. I really wanted to work with USB Rubber Ducky from HAK5 when I learned how amazing it was. I sought one for myself but It wasn’t very long till I found that they do not ship it here or anywhere closer to me. Time passed and one day I came across an article that talked about a programmable USB called Digispark USB Development Board which uses Attiny85 based micro-controller and I knew exactly how this would come in…

  • 802.11 Wi-Fi Deauth BASH Script – Everyone Except You!

    Just something that I wrote a few years ago. You need to change the variables and provide necessary information like BSSID, Mac Addresses, etc. This script requires “Aircrack-ng” suite to work. Github: https://github.com/anbdummy/WiFi-Deauth