802.11 Wi-Fi Deauth BASH Script – Everyone Except You!

Just something that I wrote a few years ago. You need to change the variables and provide necessary information like BSSID, Mac Addresses, etc. This script requires “Aircrack-ng” suite to work.

Github: https://github.com/anbdummy/WiFi-Deauth

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  • Camille FOUQUART


    Thank you for your script, that’s a big one. It’s just actualy I personaly need a command to put automaticatly the channel used by the BSSID, with this command :
    sudo iwconfig wlan0 channel 4

    If there is no way, can you help me by giving me a way to choose a random channel ? Like :
    sudo iwconfig wlan0 channel $ran(1-13)

    Thank you.

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